Fund Raisers

Fund raisers are an ideal way to raise money for worship team equipment, missions trips and a variety of needs for the local church.

Any product can be used for fund raisers, music, t-shirts, books or bibles. The type product should be chosen to make it easier for the group to generate orders. A natural for worship teams would be the “Created To Worship T-shirt” by Living Epistles, any of the new worship CDs that are available or any other type of music. For teens, t-shirts or music are ideal. The discount on these products would normally be 30%, according to what the product is and the quantity that is ordered.

To begin, contact River Of Life for a quote on the cost and availability of the product. Make up an order form and begin taking orders. Set a deadline for orders. When the orders are complete and the money has been collected. Place your order and the product will arrive in a timely fashion.

Book/Music Tables

Book/music tables are an ideal way to raise money and to encourage the congregation to become familiar with the music the worship team will be doing for worship. If the congregation is worshipping at home and is familiar with the type music you are doing, the worship service will flow better and the congregation will more easily enter into worship. The discount on books and music will normally be 30% according to the quantities purchased. The book/music table can be used for fund raising or can be used to pass the savings along to the congregation and to give direction to what they listen to or read.

What products can I use? We have access to all products in the Christian market. If it is available, we can get it for you. You are only limited to your imagination.

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